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Empowering Intelligent Data Warehousing with SAP BW/4HANA

Since a period of ten years, SAP BW was more into Data Warehouse but not an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). SAP BW/4HANA mainly focuses over the Enterprise and plays a crucial role in receiving and processing non-SAP and unstructured social media data. It provides phenomenal flexibility, modern user experience and better data governing and modeling features. We deliver unique learning solutions to help trainees in mastering significant topics like Data Warehousing concepts on BW/4HANA and native SAP HANA or in mixed scenarios.

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Participants engage in meticulously organized live interactive classes led by certified instructors. Every session is recorded for reference. An online learning management system (LMS) is provided to access course materials, video recordings, assignments, and assessments. Learners have the option to pose questions offline. There is round-the-clock, 24x7 support available through the ticketing system. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certification of achievement

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Unit 1: Introduction to SAP BW/4HANA

  • SAP BW/4HANA Modeling Tools in Eclipse

Unit 2: Migration to SAP BW/4HANA

  • Migration Strategies and Tools
  • SAP BW Migration Cockpit

Unit 3: SAP HANA Modeling

  • SAP HANA native Modeling
  • SAP HANA Live
  • SAP S/4HANA embedded Analytics

Unit 4: Optimization Areas in SAP BW/4HANA

  • HANA-Optimized Data Modeling - InfoObjects
  • HANA-Optimized Data Modeling - Advanced DataStore-Objects
  • HANA-Optimized Data Modeling - CompositeProviders
  • HANA-Optimized Data Staging and Transformations
  • HANA-Optimized Analytic Manager
  • HANA-Optimized Analysis Processes

Unit 5: Modeling with SAP´s Reference Architecture LSA++

  • Review of Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA)
  • From LSA to LSA++: Streamline Core Layers
  • LSA++: Open Operational Data Store Layer based on Open ODS Views
  • LSA++: BW/4HANA Workspaces

Unit 6: Hybrid Modeling in Mixed Scenarios

  • Generation of external HANA-Views for BW/4 HANA Objects
  • Modeling Mixed Scenarios
  • New BI Content for SAP BW/4HANA
  • Use case for Mixed Scenarios: SAP Business Objects Predictive Analytics

Unit 7: BW/4HANA Data Management

  • Multi-Temperature Data Management
  • Optimizing Data Management based on Dynamic Tiering as well as Active/Non-Active Concept
  • Optimizing Data Management based on Nearline-Storage

Unit 8: Data Provisioning into SAP HANA and SAP BW/4HANA

  • Overview of Data Provisioning Methods into SAP HANA
  • SAP LT Replication into SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Smart Data Integration for SAP BW/4HANA incl. real-time Streaming
  • Operational Data Provisioning into SAP BW/4HANA
  • The new Big Data Source System

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SAP BW/4 Hana Course completion certificate

Real-world expertise is brought into the classroom by our qualified and experienced lecturers who run our programme.

To make sure students acquire the abilities required for their chosen sector, we place a strong emphasis on experiential, real-world learning.

We provide students with a competitive edge in the job market by designing our courses in accordance with the most recent technological advancements and industry trends.

To assist students in starting successful careers, we offer complete career support, including advice and help with job placement.

Modern amenities and resources are available at our institute to provide the best possible learning environment.

Upon successful completion of our certification training program, participants will be awarded an industry-recognized certificate

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Why to choose SAP BW/4 Hana

SAP BW/4HANA Training

Enroll in SAP BW/4HANA training with GetMyPath and become proficient in the next-generation data warehouse solution.

Modern Data Warehousing

Explore the concepts of modern data warehousing and understand how SAP BW/4HANA revolutionizes data processing.

Advanced Analytics

Learn how to leverage advanced analytics capabilities within SAP BW/4HANA for insightful business intelligence.

Integration with Big Data

Understand the integration capabilities of SAP BW/4HANA with big data technologies for comprehensive data processing.

Data Modeling and Transformation

Acquire skills in data modeling and transformation techniques to optimize data processing workflows in SAP BW/4HANA.

Real-time Data Processing

Discover how SAP BW/4HANA enables real-time data processing and reporting for agile and responsive business intelligence.

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SAP BW/4 Hana FAQs

SAP BW/4HANA Training is a specialized program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills required to implement, manage, and optimize SAP BW/4HANA, the next-generation data warehouse solution from SAP. The training covers various aspects of data modeling, data integration, data provisioning, reporting, and analytics within the SAP BW/4HANA environment.
SAP BW/4HANA Training is suitable for data warehouse professionals, business intelligence analysts, data architects, data engineers, SAP consultants, and IT professionals involved in data management, reporting, and analytics functions within organizations implementing or using SAP BW/4HANA.
Introduction to SAP BW/4HANA
Overview of data warehousing concepts and principles
Data modeling and design in SAP BW/4HANA
Data integration and transformation
Data provisioning techniques and methodologies
Reporting and analytics in SAP BW/4HANA
Performance optimization and tuning
Migration strategies and tools for transitioning to SAP BW/4HANA
Best practices for SAP BW/4HANA implementation and administration
Integration with SAP and non-SAP systems
Prior experience with SAP BW is beneficial but not always required for SAP BW/4HANA Training. However, familiarity with data warehousing concepts, database management, and SAP technologies can be helpful for participants. Training programs may cater to individuals with varying levels of experience, offering introductory, intermediate, and advanced-level courses.
SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP BW/4HANA
SAP Certified Application Specialist - SAP BW/4HANA
Prerequisites for attending SAP S/4HANA Central Finance Training may vary depending on the training program and the level of expertise required. However, participants are typically expected to have a basic understanding of finance and accounting principles, as well as familiarity with ERP systems and business processes. Some training programs may require prior experience with SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) or SAP S/4HANA, while others may offer introductory courses suitable for beginners.
The duration of SAP BW/4HANA Training varies depending on factors such as the training provider, format, and delivery method. Foundation-level training programs may last for a few days, while more advanced or specialized training programs may span several weeks or months. Participants can choose from instructor-led classroom training, virtual instructor-led training, online self-paced courses, or blended learning programs based on their preferences and availability.

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