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Streamlined Talent Acquisition and Onboarding with SAP SuccessFactors

In any organization, talent acquisition is one of the essential HR activities. Recruiting and Onboarding the right candidate significantly affects business execution. SAP SuccessFactors recruiting and onboarding solutions provide the organization with the best experience through embedded engagement and automation to simplify each step of the talent acquisition process. Our SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding training helps trainees to gain complete knowledge of recruiting and onboarding roles and processes.

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Participants engage in meticulously organized live interactive classes led by certified instructors. Every session is recorded for reference. An online learning management system (LMS) is provided to access course materials, video recordings, assignments, and assessments. Learners have the option to pose questions offline. There is round-the-clock, 24x7 support available through the ticketing system. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certification of achievement

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Recruiting Management

Unit 1

  • Introduction to Recruiting and Initial setup
  • Recruiting Provisioning Settings
  • Recruiting Templates and settings

Unit 2

  • JRDM – Job Requisition Template
  • CDM – Candidate Application Template
  • CPT – Candidate Profile Template
  • Offer Template

Unit 3

  • Managing Candidates
  • Manage Recruiting Settings
  • Configure initial settings in Admin Tools
  • Rules in Recruiting
  • Applicant Status

Unit 4

  • Candidate Profile
  • Application
  • Interview
  • Central Interview Scheduling

Unit 5

  • Requisition
  • Employee Referral
  • Offer Approval & Offer Letters
  • Recruiting Home page tiles

Unit 6

  • Hire & Onboard
  • Form Templates
  • Route Map
  • Managing Recruiting Posting
  • Admin Center for Recruiting

Unit 7

  • Agency
  • Career Portal
  • Legacy Data Migration
  • Reporting
  • External Third Party Integrations

Unit 8

  • Data Privacy Consent Statement
  • Data Retention Management in Recruiting Management
  • Intelligent Services
  • Integration Center and Recruiting Management


Unit 1: Introduction to Onboarding & Onboarding 2.0

  • Onboarding 2.0 functionalities
  • Onboarding Resources
  • Enable Features in Provisioning
  • Onboarding 2.0 components
  • Homepage V3 Tile group
  • Data model for the Onboarding process Implementation Process

Unit 2: Initial Technical Configuration

  • Activate Features in Super Admin
  • Web Services
  • Test Onboarding Process
  • Complete Hiring Manager Activities
  • New Hire Completes Paperwork in SF HCM
  • Metadata Framework
  • Manage Business Configuration

Unit 3: Security Setup

  • Set up Role Based Permissions
  • Create Reports and Run Sync Jobs

Business Configuration and Administration

  • Corporate Structure
  • Security Administration
  • Data Dictionary
  • Picklists
  • PDF Forms
  • Panel Designer
  • Notifications

Unit 4: Security Setup

  • Configure Hiring Manager Activities

Onboarding Integration

  • RCM Integration Configuration
  • Initiate Onboarding from Recruiting

Mobile Onboarding settings


Cross boarding

Pre-requisites 100% Return of Money Promised*

SAP Successfactors Onboarding Rec. Course completion certificate

Real-world expertise is brought into the classroom by our qualified and experienced lecturers who run our programme.

To make sure students acquire the abilities required for their chosen sector, we place a strong emphasis on experiential, real-world learning.

We provide students with a competitive edge in the job market by designing our courses in accordance with the most recent technological advancements and industry trends.

To assist students in starting successful careers, we offer complete career support, including advice and help with job placement.

Modern amenities and resources are available at our institute to provide the best possible learning environment.

Upon successful completion of our certification training program, participants will be awarded an industry-recognized certificate

SAP Successfactors Onboarding Rec. Course Features

SAP Successfactors Onboarding Rec. Benefits

Career Opportunities

Why to choose SAP Successfactors Onboarding Rec.

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding and Recruiting Training

Enroll in GetMyPath's SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding and Recruiting training for a comprehensive understanding of these critical HR modules.

Efficient Onboarding Processes

Master the art of efficient employee onboarding processes, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires into your organization.

Strategic Recruiting Techniques

Learn strategic recruiting techniques to attract, assess, and hire top talent using the powerful SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting module.

Customized Training Content

Benefit from customized training content that covers the nuances of SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding and Recruiting, tailored to your learning needs.

Real-world Application

Apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios, gaining hands-on experience in utilizing SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding and Recruiting functionalities.

Expert Instructors

Receive guidance from expert instructors with extensive experience in SAP SuccessFactors, accelerating your learning and career growth.

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SAP Successfactors Onboarding Rec. FAQs

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding and Recruiting Training is a specialized program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills required to effectively utilize the Onboarding and Recruiting modules within the SAP SuccessFactors suite. The training covers various aspects of talent acquisition, candidate management, and employee onboarding processes.
SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding and Recruiting Training is suitable for HR professionals, recruiters, hiring managers, talent acquisition specialists, and individuals involved in the recruitment and onboarding processes within organizations using SAP SuccessFactors. It is also beneficial for individuals interested in learning about these specific modules of the SAP SuccessFactors suite.
Overview of SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding and Recruiting modules
Candidate sourcing, selection, and management processes
New hire onboarding workflows and processes
Configuration and administration of Onboarding and Recruiting modules
Integration with other SAP SuccessFactors modules and external systems
Reporting and analytics for talent acquisition and onboarding processes
Best practices for implementing and utilizing Onboarding and Recruiting modules
Prior experience with SAP SuccessFactors is not always required for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding and Recruiting Training. However, familiarity with HR processes and systems can be beneficial for participants. Training programs may cater to individuals with varying levels of experience, offering introductory, intermediate, and advanced-level courses.
SAP offers various certification options for SAP SuccessFactors, including certifications specifically for Onboarding and Recruiting modules. These certifications validate proficiency in the respective modules and demonstrate expertise in utilizing SAP SuccessFactors for talent acquisition and onboarding processes.
Prerequisites for attending SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding and Recruiting Training may vary depending on the training program and the level of expertise required. However, participants are typically expected to have a basic understanding of HR processes and systems.
The duration of SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding and Recruiting Training varies depending on factors such as the training provider, format, and delivery method. Foundation-level training programs may last for a few days, while more advanced or specialized training programs may span several weeks or months.

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