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Business Analysis

Transforming Data into Action with Expert Business Analysis Training

Business Analyst Online Training and Placement with Certification Course is 100% job oriented instructor led real-time Business Analyst Training online by experienced professionals with latest updates in business analysis and real time scenarios. A Business Analyst analyzes the requirements of the clients and works closely with his IT Team (Project Manager, Architect, Developers, and Quality Assurance team) to bring those requirements to life. A Business Analyst gathers, analyzes, and documents the requirements from the business users and communicates them clearly to the stakeholders.

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Our Delivery Methods

Participants engage in meticulously organized live interactive classes led by certified instructors. Every session is recorded for reference. An online learning management system (LMS) is provided to access course materials, video recordings, assignments, and assessments. Learners have the option to pose questions offline. There is round-the-clock, 24x7 support available through the ticketing system. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certification of achievement

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24*7 access.
Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.
Customize your learning experience based on your needs and preferences.
Access the latest information and stay current in your field.
Save on travel and accommodation expenses associated with in-person training.
Easily monitor your progress and stay motivated to achieve your goals.

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UNIT 1: Induction Session for Purdue Business Analysis Program

  • Get started with the Professional Certificate Program in Business Analysis in partnership with Purdue University. Accelerate your Business Analysis career with the preparatory courses on statistics fundamentals, SQL databases, and business analysis basics.

UNIT 3: PC BA - CBAP® - Certified Business Analysis Professional [IIBA Accredited Course]

  • Acquire business analysis skills such as advanced documentation, effective planning, and business solutions design in this business analysis course. Gain knowledge of lifecycle management, planning and monitoring, requirement and strategy analysis, and the agile perspective.

UNIT 4: PC BA - Business Analytics with Excel

  • Master practical data-driven decision-making skills with the help of data analysis and statistics. In this business analytics course, learn how to use the most common office tools available - Excel to make sophisticated data analytics to arrive at business decisions.

UNIT 5: PC BA - Tableau Training

  • This course in Tableau Desktop 10 will help you gain a variety of skills on the powerful platform including visualization building, data organization, and dashboard design.

UNIT 6: PC BA - Business Analyst Capstone

  • Enhance your Business Analysis skills with a hands-on, industry-relevant capstone project in three different domains: Retail, Banking, and Hospitality; bringing together every course into one portfolio-worthy capstone.


Purdue University Business Analysis Master Class

  • As part of this business analysis certification program, you will be able to attend an online interactive masterclass and get insights about advancements in technology/techniques in Business Analysis.

Data Science with R

  • As part of this Business Analysis certification program, learn to analyse data and make informed decisions with the help of the R programming language.

Digital Transformation Course for Leaders

  • If you wish to leverage digital technologies to transform your business strategies and objectives, Simplilearn’s Digital Transformation course is the perfect training program for you. Leveraging digital technologies is crucial for leaders across all business domains. Our course is designed to help you build a solid action plan, foster customer-focused innovation, and drive a digital culture in your organization.

PC BA - Agile Scrum Master

  • Imbibe the Agile Scrum project management approach and enhance your ability to develop and deliver quality products to customers. In this course, you will learn the best practices of Agile and the Scrum methodology’s nuances to help you maximize business value and mitigate risks.

PC BA - Power BI

  • Explore Power BI concepts like Microsoft Power BI Desktop layouts, BI reports, dashboards, Power BI DAX commands, and functions. Learning how to experiment, fix, prepare, and present data quickly and easily is now convenient with our in-depth Power BI training.

SQL Training

  • Master SQL and improve your career prospects with Simplilearn’s SQL Database Training Course. Functional knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language), the leading programming language for relational database management systems, is in high demand and can set you apart in the job market.

Masterclass by Business Analysis Industry Leaders

  • Attend this online interactive industry master class to gain insights about Business Analyst Trends from top Business Analysis Industry Experts.

Pre-requisites 100% Return of Money Promised*

Business Analysis Course completion certificate

Real-world expertise is brought into the classroom by our qualified and experienced lecturers who run our programme.

To make sure students acquire the abilities required for their chosen sector, we place a strong emphasis on experiential, real-world learning.

We provide students with a competitive edge in the job market by designing our courses in accordance with the most recent technological advancements and industry trends.

To assist students in starting successful careers, we offer complete career support, including advice and help with job placement.

Modern amenities and resources are available at our institute to provide the best possible learning environment.

Upon successful completion of our certification training program, participants will be awarded an industry-recognized certificate

Business Analysis Course Features

Business Analysis Benefits

Career Opportunities

Why to choose Business Analysis

Business Analysis Training

Enroll in comprehensive Business Analysis training at GetMyPath to develop essential skills for analyzing business processes, eliciting requirements, and driving successful project outcomes.

Analytical Skills Development

Sharpen your analytical skills, learning how to assess complex business scenarios, identify opportunities for improvement, and make data-driven decisions that contribute to organizational success.

Effective Requirement Elicitation

Master the art of requirement elicitation, understanding various techniques and methodologies to gather, document, and prioritize business and stakeholder requirements for successful project execution.

Process Modeling and Documentation

Learn process modeling techniques and documentation methods to create clear and comprehensive representations of business processes, facilitating communication and fostering a shared understanding among project stakeholders.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Develop strong collaboration skills to engage with diverse stakeholders, ensuring effective communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, from initiation to implementation.

Problem-solving and Critical Thinking

Enhance your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, enabling you to analyze challenges, propose effective solutions, and contribute to strategic decision-making within the business environment.

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Business Analysis FAQs

Business Analysis is a disciplined approach to identifying, analyzing, and solving business problems and seizing opportunities for improvement. It involves understanding business needs, eliciting requirements, defining solutions, and facilitating change to enhance organizational performance and achieve strategic objectives.
Business Analysts
Product Owners
Project Managers
Software Developers
Quality Assurance Professionals
Agile project team members
Scrum Masters
Business Investigators structure the exceedingly significant connection among business and IT, characterizing, examining, and recording necessities to give answers for issues. They are the life saver of tasks and assist with conveying them effectively. Our course will help you comprehend and play out the obligations of a BA proficiently.
Business Analysts gather various types of requirements depending on the nature of the project and the needs of stakeholders. These may include:

Business requirements: High-level statements of business needs, goals, objectives, and desired outcomes that drive the initiation of a project or change initiative.
Functional requirements: Detailed descriptions of system behavior, features, and functionality, specifying what the system should do to meet business needs.
Non-functional requirements: Quality attributes, constraints, and performance criteria that define how the system should perform, including reliability, scalability, security, and usability.
Stakeholder requirements: Expectations, preferences, and constraints expressed by stakeholders, including end users, customers, sponsors, and regulatory bodies.
Solution requirements: Specifications of the proposed solution, including technical specifications, architectural designs, and integration requirements.
Transition requirements: Activities, plans, and resources needed to transition from the current state to the desired future state, including training, documentation, and organizational change management activities.
Business Analysts use a variety of methodologies and techniques to gather, analyze, and document requirements and facilitate change. These may include:

Agile: Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban emphasize iterative development, collaboration, and flexibility, enabling Business Analysts to adapt to changing requirements and deliver value incrementally.
Waterfall: The Waterfall methodology follows a sequential approach to project delivery, with distinct phases such as requirements analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment, allowing Business Analysts to document requirements upfront and plan the project accordingly.
Requirements elicitation techniques: Techniques such as interviews, workshops, surveys, observations, and brainstorming sessions are used to gather information from stakeholders and elicit requirements effectively.
Modeling techniques: Visual modeling techniques such as use case diagrams, process flowcharts, data flow diagrams, and entity-relationship diagrams help Business Analysts represent complex information and relationships in a structured and visual format.
Requirements documentation: Tools and templates such as business requirement documents (BRDs), functional requirement documents (FRDs), user stories, and acceptance criteria help Business Analysts document requirements clearly and comprehensively, ensuring alignment and traceability throughout the project lifecycle.
Stakeholder engagement: Techniques such as stakeholder analysis, stakeholder mapping, and communication plans help Business Analysts identify and engage stakeholders effectively, manage their expectations, and foster collaboration and buy-in.
Business Analysts contribute to the success of a project or initiative by:

Understanding business needs: Working closely with stakeholders to understand their goals, objectives, and challenges, and ensuring that proposed solutions address their needs effectively.
Eliciting and documenting clear requirements: Using techniques such as interviews, workshops, and modeling to gather and document requirements accurately, comprehensively, and unambiguously.
Facilitating communication and collaboration: Serving as a bridge between business stakeholders and IT teams, facilitating communication, managing expectations, and promoting alignment and consensus.
Managing scope and change: Defining project scope, managing scope creep, and responding to changes in requirements and priorities effectively to minimize risks and ensure project success.
Supporting solution delivery: Collaborating with project teams to ensure that solutions are implemented according to requirements, tested thoroughly.
The instructors of this course by GetMyPath are industry specialists and mentors who themselves have confirmations and are a piece of top associations all over the world.

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